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JUMBO Giant Dominoes Game

JUMBO Giant Dominoes Game
JUMBO Giant Dominoes Game
This dominoes game is suitable for all the familly (children from 4 years and/or older), for 2 or more players, can be played as well as indoors as outdoors.


29.44 EUR
JUMBO black and White giant dominoes for outdoor games
Children game |:-)) for children from 4 years
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For 2 or more players
Object of the game to place down all your dorninoes
How Io play
1. Mix the dominoes up and place face clown on the floor or where you choose to play.
2. Both players pick up a domino, the player with the domino with most dots will start the game.
3. Both dominoes are then placed back down with the other dominoes.
4. Each player chooses an agreed amount of dominoes say seven each, leaving the rest as stock laying face downwards on the floor. Players must not show their dominoes to the other player.
5. The first player places a domino face up in the middle of the playing area.
6. The other player must match either end of the domino with one of theirs. For example: if the first domino has two dots and six dots, they must try to place a domino that has either of those numbers on it.
7. lf they have a matching domino, that domino is placed against the matching end of the domino on the floor. The player then picks up another domino from the remaining stock of dominoes left face down on the floor before the next player takes their turn.
8. A match can only be made against the two open ends of the domino line.
9. If a player cannot make a match on their turn they are blocked and miss their turn.
10. The game ends when one player runs out of dominoes or when both players are blocked.
11. The winner is the player with no domino or with the fewest dots on their remaining dominoes.
Good luck !
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